Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jikan Ni Saigo Made Act 3

Act 3- Family Time

After 3 hours of flight,the Takeuchi Family arrived at Tokyo

Hideo: Ahhh Tokyo! It’s been a while since I’ve went here
Keiko:Tokyo is so big…. *smile*
Akihiro:waaa so many kawaii oona *grins*
Hideo and Minako: Kora Akihiro!
Akihiro: Sumimasen….*grumbles stomach* naa naa Otousama I’m hungy
Hideo:Me too but we have to wait for Ueda-san to pick us
Keiko:Come to think of it,didn’t Ueda-san recently got married?
Hideo:Hai,he requested me a 1 week vacation at that time
Akihiro:I bet his wife is super beautiful one hahahaha
Minako: Taku Akihiro you’re so naughty
Akihiro:hahaha wari wari
Ueda Daisuke:Sorry to keep you waiting Hideo-sama
Hideo:Ahh Ueda-san
Ueda:Should we go straight to the house?
Hideo:No,we’re heading at Two Dragons Restaurant Shibuya franchise

*gets inside the car*

Hideo:Naa Akihiro since you’re already 17 years old I think it’s right to discuss this with you
Akihiro:Is there something wrong Otousama?
Hideo: Ie,it’s just that I keep thinking all night that you like every beautiful girl you saw and I’m very concerned; I mean how will you find a girlfriend like that ?
Akihiro: It’s true that I like every beautiful girl I saw but I don’t court them right? It’s because I’m still waiting for the perfect girl that I will make my girlfriend and my wife
Hideo:I’m so proud of you Akihiro
Keiko: ahhh~!
Minako: What’s wrong Keiko-chan?
Keiko: Isn’t that Tokyo Tower?
Minako:Hai,do you wanna come there later?                  
Akihiro: *smiles* *Hontou my sister is so kawaii…*

After 1 hour of traveling they reached the Two Dragons Restaurant in Shibuya

Hideo:Welcome to our restaurant
Cleck 1 and Clerk 2: Irashaimasen Hideo-sama
Keiko: It’s pretty big here
Minako:This is the biggest franchise of all
Keiko: heh… *grins*
Hideo: Someday you two will inherit this
Akihiro: Otousama…..
Waiter:What do want to order Hideo-sama?
Hideo:Special Sushi,Okonomiyaki,Bento Pakku and Sake
Minako:Chotto Hideo,ahhh Waiter-san please discard his Sake order and give him a Red Tea instead
Hideo: Ahhhh Nande? Takku
Minako:Hideo,lately I’ve been noticing that you’re drinking much sake,so no sake for no,ok?
Hideo:Hai Hai wakatta
Keiko: hahaha *grins*
Akihiro: Jaa I will have Okonomiyaki and Bento Pakku
Keiko: I will have Bento Pakku and Tempura Sushi
Minako: *sees a couple in dere dere*
Hideo: *sees Minako looking at the couple*Minako do you still remember our first date here? *smile*
Minako: Why would I forget that happy moment?
Hideo:Honestly,22 years sure went fast
Minako: I got to agree with you, *smiles*
Hideo: I never regret spending the 22 years of my life with you *smile*
Minako: hehehe *grins*
Keiko: ahem ano nee Okaasama Otousama Waiter-sn is waiting for our confirnmation regarding our order
Hideo: Ahhh so is that order ok?
Minako: Chotto I didn’t order yet,so I will have Bento Pakku and……SAKE!!!!
Akihiro: Oi Oi Okasama
Minako:Nani yo,Let me have sake just for now,onegai *puppy eyes*
Hideo: u-ughmmm I will let you drink sake,jus this day,ok?
Minako: HAI!!! arigatou *kisses Hideo*
Hideo:So waiter-san that’s all our orders
Keiko: yappari Otousama can’t resist Okaasama’s puppy eyes hahaha
Akihiro: hahahaha

After they have eaten the Takeuchi Family headed to their home

Keiko:Ahhh steki,I didn’t know that our house in Tokyo is so big
Akihiro:Boku mo
Hideo:Your Okaasama and I bought this house after Keiko-chan was born
Akihiro: I didn’t know about that Otousama all I know is Keiko-chan was born in Tokyo
Minako: We kept it a secret from you Aki-chan hahaha
Keiko:hahaha kawaii namae wa Aki-chan desu
Akihiro: uggghh,hahahaha
Minako and Hideo:Hahahaha
Akihiro: *I wish we’re always like this,I would be so happy if that would happen*
Keiko: *even though Okaasama and Otousama are always busy they always find a way to make us complete everyday*
Akihiro:*Otousama and Okaasama never gets home late and they always make sure that we will sleep first before they will sleep*
Keiko: * I want to be like Okaasama*
Akihiro:*I want to be like Otousama*
Hideo: Sate,Let’s go to Tokyo Tower
Akihiro and Keiko: Hai!
Hideo: Ueda-san please prepare the car for us,Arigatou
Ueda: Hai,Hideo-sama

*After 5 minutes*

Hideo:Minako,Akihiro,Keiko-chan hayaku
Minako:Chotto mate nee
Akihiro and Keiko:Sorry to keep you waiting Otousama
Hideo: * I have raise my children fine indeed*
Minako: Let’s Go

*gets in the car*

Hideo:*Everything went better than expected,I have now the right to say that I’m a good father*
Minako: *whisphers to Hideo* *You know I’ve been thinking if Keiko-chan and Akihiro growp up fine*
Hideo:Well I think they grown up fine because we raise them to be prominent and godly
Minako:You think so?
Hideo: *nods*
Keiko: Otousama Okasama I’ve been wondering where’s our Obaasama and Ojiisama?
Hideo:My parents are in Narita while you’re Okaasama’s parents are in Edogawa
Akihiro:We want to visit them nee Keiko-chan?
Minako:So we will visit them we’re not busy,ok
Akihiro and Keiko:Hai

*After a few minutes they reach Tokyo Tower*

Akihiro and Keiko:waaaa stekiiiiiii!!!!!!
Hideo: Let’s go to the observatory so we can see all over Tokyo
Minako: hehehe Hideo do you remember when you take me here before I got pregnant to Akihiro?
Hideo:Hai,we even eat our dinner at the restaurant above the observatory,ahh I know,let’s all eat our dinner there
Akihiro and Keiko:HAI!!!
Minako:Ueda-san please pick up us at 07:00 pm
Keiko:yatta *runs inside*
Minako:Kora Keiko
Akihiro:uhhhh *sees a beautiful girl*
Keiko: ahem looks like Aki-oniisama saw another “Kawaii Oona”
Akihiro: hehehe *she’s not another  “Kawaii Oona” she’s an “Itazura Kawaii Oona” that captured my heart,Kamisama onegai tell me her name*
Minako:Ara,isn’t that Hanako-chan?
Akihiro: *Arigatou Kamisama,so Hanako is her name*
Hanako: hare ahh Keiko-chan! Aki-chan! Minako-obasama! Hideo-ojisama
Akihiro: *why does she know my nickname!?*
Hideo: Hanako-chan! Isashiburi
Akihiro: *dumdfounded*
Hanako: What’s with that look Aki-chan? Aren’t you gonna hug or kiss your fiancée
Akihiro: Fi-Fi-Fiancee?
Hideo: uhhh I think we should talk about this in the restaurant

*In the restaurant*

Akihiro:Otousama,I need an explanation
Hanako:taku Aki-chan what explanation do you need?
Hideo:Akihiro did you forgot Hanako-chan already?
Akihiro:This is the first time I’ve met her
Hideo:No,This isn’t the first time
Minako:Akihiro Hanako is your childhood friend…and you made a promise to her 10 years ago
Akihiro: *tries to remember events*
Minako: *sings Nazo*
Akihiro: *shocked* Hana-chan is that you!? uso
Hanako:Uso jaa naiwa,Aki-chan do still remember your promise
Akihiro: Promise?
Hanako:,well I just gotta explain it to you since you forgot about it…..
Akihiro: Onegaishimasu


Hanako: ano saa Aki-chan do you like me?
Akihiro: I don’t like you,I love you *smile*
Hanako:Watashi mo,Aki-chan daisuki,dakara promise me! Promise me when I comeback from France… will marry me!
Akihiro: I promise *kisses Hanako’s Lips*


Akihiro: ahh It makes sense,and I’m willing to marry you!
Hanako: Aki-chan *cries* I’m so happy!!!!
Akihiro: boku mo when I saw you earlier before Keiko-chan called you I beg to Kamisama to tell your name just your name….onso when the moment keiko-chan called you I was so happy because I got to know your name and also it’s very easy to court you because Keiko-chan,Okaasama and Otousama knew you but I didn’t know that the person I want to court out already belongs to me *grins*
Hanako:Aki-chan…..I Love You I don’t know what will happen to me if you’re gonna hate me
Akihiro:Why would hate you? Also hating you isn’t in my vocabulary
Hideo:Soyeba Hanako-chan Hasegawa-san wa doko?
Hanako:ahh Otousama he’s in the office’
Minako:ano nee Keiko-chan did you know that Hikari-san;Hanako’s mother is the principal of Megami no Gakuen ga Shugo
Keiko: majii!!!???
Hideo:come to think of that when I heard that Tomoko-san is attending that gakuen the name sounded familiar
Keiko:If the principal of Megami no Gakuen ga Shugo is our family friend that means I’m one step closer to Tomo-chan!
Akihiro:Watanabe Tomoko ;she’s Keiko-chan’s bestfriend or should I say love interest hahaha
Keiko: Mou Aki-oniisama
Hanako:Watanbe Tomoko you say….
Akihiro:Is there something wrong?
Hanako: Ie,the name sounded familiar
Akihiro:is that so
Keiko:tonikaku I will take an entrance exam at Megami no Gakuen tomorrow!
Hikari:if you’re the enrollee then an entrance exam isn’t necessary
Hanako:ahh Okaasama
Hikari:Isashiburi Minako-san,Hideo-san
Minako:Hikari-san; ahh Keiko-chan this is Hanako-chan’s Okaasama
Keiko: Konnichiwa! *smiles*
Akihiro: Konnichiwa
Hikari:about the Gakuen; Keiko-chan there’s no need to take an entrance exam because the entrance exam is only for non-child prodigy
Hideo: You mean to say that students of Megami no Gakuen is mostly child prodigies?
Keiko:so Tomo-chan is a prodigy
Minako:ara Keiko-chan did you know that all members of Watanabe Family has a great skill of all classical instruments?
Keiko:huuuu *smiles*
Hikari:so I’ll prepare your transfer papers
Minako:yatta isn’t that good Keiko-chan
Akihiro:and so when Keiko-chan is admitted at Megami no Gakuen and found Tomoko-san they will start dere dere
Hanako:Like us?
Akihiro:hare hare hehehehe
Hanako:hahah watashi wa jodan desu,ahh by the way nee Okaasama can I stay at Akihiro’s house for tonight I want to spend the whole night with my fiancée
Hikari:Ok,but don’t mess around their house
Hikari:jaa hideo-san and Minako-san can I leave my daughter in your house tonight?
Hikari:Arigatou,satte I’m off to work ahh Keiko-chan please be ready after 3 days
Keiko:Hai! *matte yo Tomo-chan I’m one step closer to be with you*


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