Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Currently Airing
Genres: Action, Comedy, Historical, Parody, Samurai, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Duration: 24 min. per episode
The continuation of Gintama. (Season 5)

Note: This are encoded in 10bit x264, use the latest CCCP | KLITE codec pack to play this video.
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Episode 202: Everyone Looks a Little Grown Up After Spring Break
Episode 203: Everyone Looks Pretty Grown Up After Summer Break
Episode 204: Use a Calligraphy Pen for New Year's Cards & The Heart Comes Before Chocolate
Episode 205: Meals Should Be Balanced & We Are All Warriors in the Battle Against Fate
Episode 206: It's Too Confusing When Talking About the Poster Girl for a Poster Store, So Call Her a Sandwich Board
Episode 207: Glasses Are Part of the Soul
Episode 208: Glasses Prevent You From Seeing Certain Things
Episode 209: Nothing Lasts Forever, Including Parents, Money, Youth, Your Room, Dress Shirts, Me, You, and the Gintama Anime
Episode 210: Lawless Town Tends to Attract a Bunch of Whoohooey Folk
Episode 211: Ghosts Aren't the Only Ones Who Run Wild Around Graveyards
Episode 212: Chains of a Warrior
Episode 213: Iron Town
Episode 214: 'Tis An Honor
Episode 215: Odds or Evens
Episode 216: I Can't Remember A Damn Thing About The Factory Tour
Episode 217: What Happens Twice Can Happen Thrice
Episode 218: The Claws of a Crab Can Snip Through a Friendship
Episode 219: People Forget to Return Stuff All The Time Without Even Realizing It
Episode 220: The Bathhouse, Where You're Naked in Body and Soul
Episode 221: Jugem
Episode 222: The Name Reveals the Person
Episode 223: The Man's Household Situation is Hard, His Heart is Soft
Episode 224: Blue and Red Ecstasy
Episode 225: So in the Second Season of Prison Break, They've Already Broken Out of Prison, But the Name Works Once You Realize That Society is a Prison
Episode 226: Everybody Loves Pajamas
Episode 227: Speaking of Crossovers, Don't Forget About Alien vs. Predator
Episode 228: Love Is Neither Plus Nor Minus
Episode 229: Making It Through Love
Episode 230: It Would Take Too Much Effort to Make This Title Sound Like a Text Message Subject
Episode 231: When You Go to a Funeral for the First Time, You're Surprised By How Happy the People Are
Episode 232: The People You Tend to Forget Tend to Shop Up After You Forget Them
Episode 233: Space Ururun Homestay
Episode 234: Piggy Banks and Trash Cans
Episode 235: Empty Planet
Episode 236: Don't Say Goodbye Lionel


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