Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jikan Ni Saigo Made Act 2

Act 2- Being Depressed Isn’t The Solution

Keiko: *crying* I will miss you Tomo-chan……
Akihiro: Doshtano Kawai Shimai?
Keiko:Oniisama…..Oniisamaaaaaa!!!! *cries on Akihiro’s shoulder*
Akihiro:Ima nakanaide Kawai Shimai…….
Akihiro:Okairi Okaasama
Minako: Ara,what’s going on here? Akihiro-kun did you make your little sister cry again?
Akihiro:aaahh Okaasama,I didn’t make her cry Keiko-chan started crying on her on
Minako:There there don’t cry now watashi no utsukiushi musume,can you tell me what’s wrong?
Keiko: Okaasama….*suddenly runs towards her room upstairs*
Minako:chotto mate Keiko
Akihiro:Let her be alone for now Okaasama,Keiko-chan won’t tell us what’s wrong so I think it’s personal problem that she wants to open with us but don’t have a courage to tell
Minako:You think so?
Minako: Okairinasai *kisses Hideo*
Akihiro:ahhhh Otousama okairi
Hideo:There seems to be a commotion here
Minako:Hai,you’re daughter is crying and has a problem
Hideo:I think I know what’s going on
Hideo:Hai, Watanabe -san has told me that her daughter named Tomoko has getting along well with Keiko-chan and I believe she is a bestfriend of Keiko-chan
Minako: ahhh… did Keiko and Tomoko-san went on a fight
Hideo: I don’t think so since school days are drawing near Watanabe-san and his family headed back to Tokyo a week ago
Minako: Poor Keiko-chan she’s very very sad because her bestfriend has left
Akihiro: Watanabe-san ehh…..
Minako:He’s a musician and is currently undergoing a negociation for franchise of our chain of restaurants
Hideo: In short he’s going to be our business partner soon hahahaha
Minako:Ohh Hideo you silly hahaha
Akihiro: ohhhhhh
Hideo: So where is Keiko-chan?
Akihiro:She’s in her room I bet she’s crying out loud
Hideo: Minako I think you should try to talk to her since you’re both girls I think you can understand her feelings more
Minako: *nods*

After the discussion Minako went straight to Keiko’s room

Minako: *knock* Keiko please open up,Keiko
Keiko: *opens up*
Minako: Keiko, I heard what happened form your Otousama
Keiko: doushite Okaasama? Why does all my bestfriend left?
Minako:Keiko,you know something happens for a reason and these events make you stronger
Keiko: Okaasama, will you leave me alone for a now,I need to cry these all
Minako: *nods*

After that Minako went down stairs and discussed this with her husband Hideo

Minako:Hideo,This is not good,I don’t wanna make Keiko depressed
Hideo:Why don’t we move Keiko in the school where Tomoko-san will go?
Minako:Hideo…..are you sure?
Hideo: I’m very very sure,I will sacrifise anything for the sake of my family so Minako book 20 tickets for Tokyo we will take our maids and butlers too
Minako: Hai

After that discussion Minako told Akihiro and Keiko about the good news

Minako:Since we don’t want our utsukiushi musume to be depressed,your Otousama and I decided that we will all go to Tokyo and live there for good
Akihiro: Yatta!!!!! Tokyo here I come,Kawaii Oona matte nee!!
Keiko: ugghh Aki-oniisama,Arigatou Okaasama,Otoousama
Hideo:Doushimashite utsukiushi musume *smiles*
Minako: So we will leave Hokkaido tomorrow morning


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