Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jikan Ni Saigo Made Act 1

Act 1.- The First Meeting…..

On a summer day,Keiko is playing on the local beach.Her fun is halted when she saw a beautiful girl that is playing alone……

Keiko:Konnichiwa,are you new here?
Tomoko: *stare* Yes
Keiko: *smile* So what’s your name?
Tomoko: Watanabe Tomoko……how about you?
Keiko: I’m Takeuchi Keiko,nice to meet you *grin*
Tomoko: Nice to meet you too,Can I call you Kei-chan…..?
Keiko: *smiles widely* SURE!!! Then I’ll call you Tomo-chan is that ok with you?
Tomoko: *smile* Absolutely
Keiko: Iku Tomo-chan let’s build a sand castle
Tomoko: Let’s Go!

3 hours had passed and the girls are already tired playing so they lay on the sand and watch the beautiful sunset

Tomoko:I had lot’s of fun today Kei-chan
Keiko:Me too, I never felt this before
Tomoko:Ano nee Tomo-chan did you know you’re my first bestfriend ever?
Keiko: Hontou? I’m so happy
Tomoko: How about you Tomo-chan?
Keiko: As for me I have 3 bestfriends before you came but they all move away so now I consider you as my one and only bestfriend
Tomoko: *grins* Kei-chan *hugs Keiko*
Keiko: *hugs back*
Tomoko:ahh it’s this late!? We should head home Kei-chan
Keiko-I think so
Tomoko:Let’s head together shall we? And also can we hold hands? *blushing
Keiko: Sure *grins*

The two of them head home together while holding hands…..after a 2 weeks Keiko noticed that Tomoko is acting cold towards her these past few days so she decided to talk to Tomoko

Keiko:neee Tomo-chan we’re friends right?
Tomoko:No,we’re bestfriends *smiles*+
Keiko: *grins* so I want to ask you something Tomo-chan
Tomoko:What is it Kei-chan?
Keiko:Why are you cold towards me these past few days
Tomoko: *ignores*
Keiko:nee Tomo-chan don’t ignore me
Tomoko: *still ignores*
Keiko: Watanabe Tomoko don’t ignore me
Tomoko: *kisses Keiko on the lips*
Tomoko:*whisphers* Arigatou,Kei-chan for making me this happy before I leave
Keiko:*shocked* Where are you going!?
Tomoko:Since school days are drawing near we’re heading back to Tokyo because I will  take my entrance exam at Megami No Gakuen Ga Shugo 
Keiko:*sad* ohhh…..
Tomoko:Don’t be sad Kei-chan,I’m going back to Hokkaido again,I’m going back every vacation *breaks ring into half*
Keiko:Why did you break your ring?
Tomoko:Here take this *hand over the half ring* If you have that ring I will know that you’re Kei-chan
Keiko: *cries* Tomo-chan……
Tomoko: *kisses Keiko on the lips*
Keiko: Tomo-cha…..n mmmm *kisses back*

The Next Day…..

Keiko: Tomo-chan!! Mateeeeeeee
Tomoko: Kei-chan… will wait for me right?
Keiko: HAI! and you will seach for me right?
Tomoko: Mochiron!
Watanabe Nanjirou:Hayaku Tomoko-chan or the plane will miss us
Tomoko:Hai,chotto mate nee Otousan,sate Kei-chan Sayonara!
Keiko: Sayonara *cries*


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