Thursday, 17 November 2011

Gokujou Drops.....a path way of my yuri life

Just finished reading Gakujou Drops manga,I must say OMG THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE YURI MANGA OF ALL TIME, LOL I love almost everything about Gakujou drops,the setting,the characters,the ecchi scene and wow the main plot and story about Gakujou Drops is 100% exellent and accurate unlike many mangas


Maezono Komari attends a rich all-girls school and somehow ends up living among the most elite members in a prestigious dorm. She quickly becomes a servant to her roommate, Himemiya Yukio. Gokujou Drops follows the development of their interesting and loving relationship

Komari and Yukio

I absolutely love Gokujou Drops. Every single chapter is full of action, fun, and emotions. It does more than just showcase ecchi yuri. It also has a delicate plot that actually makes the readers care about Komari and Yukio-chan’s relationship. There were many moments when I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter, wondering how these two will resolve their misunderstandings.

Komari and Yukio are really meant to be


I really like Hadzime Mikuni’s style and the character’s pretty faces and slender proportions. Yukio-chan is just so cute; I think she is the reason I started to love hime hair cuts. Further, they all have very lovable personalities. Komari’s straightforwardness, sensitivity, and slight masochism pair really well with Yukio’s oujo-sama, tsundere type. The other members of the dorm all have their own distinct flavor as well. Anyway, Yukio is super hawt.

Greatest Ecchi scene I must say.....

Seriously, how sexy is Yukio.
Of course, the ecchi parts of Gokujou Drops is nice too. It is not overdone or too hardcore. I really appreciate the softness and tasteful yet arousing. This is such a guilty pleasure…


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