Saturday, 12 November 2011

Answers To Your Questions....

So recently I have many personal questions about my gaming life in my yahoo acoount so here it is the answers of your questions

Q1: So what is your favorite genre of game?
 Ans. I personally like 3rd Person Shooting,Eroge (LOL),Adventure,Crime

Q2:Have you finished GTA:San Andreas?

Ans:Ofcourse,literally speaking I finished all GTAs well except for GTA V cause I don't own copy yet

Q3:Do you play Warcraft?

Ans:Yes but rarely

Q4:Do you like Call Of Duty?


Q5:So what's your ingame name in Garena?

Ans: SlasherKaito1412

Q6:So how do you manage to keep your gaming forum active?

Ans:I have assigned many admins to keep the forum active while I was in class

Q7:Did you ever think of dropping out of class and play games all day instead?

Ans:Nope,I always have a free time for myself

Q8: Where do you live?

Ans: I'm untraceable hohohoho XD

Q9:Do you have a same username for games?

Ans: Yes,my username is always SlasherKaito1412 or UsagiNoYagami1412

Q10:I recently saw that your in a fight with player Xalibu4586?

Ans:Yes that's true but I don't give a fuck with him

Q11:How many years have you been a hardcore gamer?

Ans: 2009

Q12:You're cool SlasherKaito1412,will you make me a fansign and tag it on facebook?

Answer:Thank you :D but once again you've chosen the wrong person to give you a fansign

Q13;Will you give an account in Garena?

Ans:I have one account only,sorry :D


Suichi Nakahara said...


Suichi Nakahara said...

I didn't know your UsagiNoYagami1412 XDD

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