Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm a Hikikomori.....

So this past few weeks I've been experiencing depression due to school pressure,house hold chores and many more.Since I'm not strong enough to think positive,I decided to confine my self in my room to re-think about it.So I spend  2 days straight in room WITHOUT any food (as for the water I always bring a jug in my room because I'm too lazy to go to kitchen whenever I get thirsty).Knowing my situation I said to myself "Hey,being confined in my room is actually good,it was stress free".At first it was pretty boring being in my room for a whole day without socializing but as days passes I adjusted in my current situation."I don't care about the outside world now,I don't care if I don't socialize with people after all they ain't gonna help me with my problems and I don't care if I a got a 60 for a grade" I said to myself.Well as for now I've been confined in my room for 3 weeks without leaving.

I know you're thinking right now is "How does she buys her food and eats without leaving her room?" "What about school?"

For my food my beloved uncle always drops by my house and bring me one and as for my school I think I don't care about school now after all I'm transfering in a Saturday Class in Davao this month and asking for a "Good Moral Certificate" is very easy.

I have a bathroom in my bedroom XD and oh I'm close to school refusal :D


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