Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sono Hanabira......the road of my yuri life

So I'm done watching Kuttsukiboshi OVA 1,so while waiting for the second OVA I found this Yuri Clip again on the suggestions.The title of this yuri clip is "Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi". The clip that I saw is just awesome,so here I go again with the googeling and watching,so I though this OVA is just an ordinary one but hell no! this ain't an ordinary one its full of ECCHI SCENES , knowing that the whole OVA has an ECCHI SCENES I continued watching till my heart and soul is satisfied.When I learned that this OVA is based on an EROGE VISUAL NOVEL GAME I decided to look up for that game and was shocked when I found out that Sono Hanabira Game has 10 game sequels with different stories and heroines.So from here my perverted thought strikes again hahahaha,I immediately downloaded the whole game sequels which took up a large amount of space in my laptop's hard disk, but hey the games are pretty good as expected from Peco's designs.I know they recommend this game for adults only, but does it stop me? nooooo!!! 

Well I'm off to play Sono Hanabira Game 10 hohohoho (perverted mind activated)

Sono Hanabira OVA screenshot feat. Kawamura Reo confessing her love for Sawaguchi Mai

Sawaguchi Mai    

Kawamura Reo


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