Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kuttsukiboshi.....the start of my yuri life

So recently,well to be honest I dont know what's gotten in my mind I randomly searched on youtube "Yuri Anime" then I saw this Yuri short clip which is entitled as Kuttsukiboshi.Before I knew it I was watching the clip and I must say it was very interesting,after watching the clip I searched for the OVA of this Yuri  and watched it.It was awesome but oh men Kuttsukiboshi's ending SUCKS wanna know what happended? Kii-chan (the main character) found Aaya (her lover) having sex with his brother.

ok I know I shouldn't be watching this kind of thing but I can't help it,so go on and outed me as a pervert XD.

From Left to Right: Aaya and Kii-chan



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