Friday, 18 November 2011

Girl Friends....another pathway of my yuri life

Finished reading Girl Friends,it's very nice I must but still GOKUJOU DROPS ROCK!!!.The character,setting and plot design are very nice but not the ECCHI oh well time to find another hardcore yuri anime/manga with super hawt ecchi scenes =.=


The story of this manga is centered on two high school girls, Kumakura Marika and Akko Oohashi, two girls with very different personalities, Mari is a quiet girl with very few friends, she likes spending her time studying, reading books or eating alone at the cafeteria, she is shy and she seemed unexperienced when it comes to being approached by other people. However one day, the cheerful, careless and beatiful Akko approches her, Mari's attitude, life style and her habits change drasticaly as she is completely dragged by Akko's personality. They quickly become best friends and she is introduced to her group of friends. Nice up until here, however as time passed, Akko and Mari became closer and closer, so close that sometimes they started to become something more than just mere friends. Since Mari never had best friends or more exactly she never had true friends, she became so attached to Akko, to the point that she fell in love with her. 

 When she realized it, Mari tried her best to deny her feelings and bury them in herself however easy to say hard to do since she interracts daily with her both at school and out of school. On one hand she had to suppress her feelings, on the other hand she had to act normal in front of Akko and her friends so that they wont become aware of her true feelings. I think the words "If you still keep them in yourself, one day they will eventually leak" are indeed true. Will Mari be able to move on denying her feelings towards Akko, without letting her know, or will she become true to herself and confess to her? And what about Akko, is she in love with Mari as well? Typical for a slice of life shoujo-ai manga, drama always exists since these types of relationships are denied by society.

Hot Kiss.....

 While reading this manga i kinda think that this one is inspired from real life since the events and the way the things progressed are way too realistic, i did a bit of research to find that the author actualy mentioned that this reflects her life when she was in high school as well.

My long awaited ecchi scene


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